Monday, December 17, 2012

December Photo-A-Day Challenge 1st -15th

Well, I finally got back on board for the Photo-A-Day Challenge!
Here are my pictures from the 1st through the 15th.
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12.1 8 o'clock
{wild + crazy at 8am}

12.2 peace
{Grace Community what they do there every Sunday}

12.3 something you held
{Chloe's version of Merry Christmas...priceless}

12.4 black + white
{Chloe + Riley practicing from the 1st Grade Pet Show}

12.5 looking up
{at this very heart was bursting...1st time speaking in front of a large group + she nailed it}

12.6 from where you live // 12.7 stars
{looking out my front door // our tree topper on our downstairs tree}

12.8 someone you love
{these 2, of course!}

12.9 out + about // 12.10 under // 12.11 sweet
{out + about dropping Chloe off at school // Charlie hanging under the ceiling fan // sweet Carter boy with sweet smiles as soon as he woke up}

12.12 hat
{love him in any kind of hat}

12.13 lights
{the light was bright this day...while I enjoyed my buy 1 get 1 free Holiday Drink from Starbucks}

12.14 something green
{a little Christmas treat...}

12.15 outdoors
{making reindeer food to leave outside for Santa's helpers on Christmas Eve}

Join in on the fun each month...

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