Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Kids Annual Christmas Party, Jr. Cheer, & Grinch Day

Last Saturday morning, we went to the Hale's Annual Kids Christmas Party!
I look forward to this every year.
Amelia always does such a great job.
The kids get to make an ornament, eat yummy breakfast foods, and do a gift exchange.
This year, Carter received 5 mini dump trucks & Chloe was given 2 jewelry craft kits!
It was so fun...I love these special kids that my two are getting to grow with!
Thanks Amelia & Andrew for the fun day!

Our yearly KID photo!  So funny!
Chloe is hidden in the back behind Austin & Ava Claire.
Carter didn't feel up to participating!

Later that night, we headed to Nashville to eat at Ted's Montana Grill & to look at Christmas Lights.  Well, because Opryland was swarmed with people, we skipped looking at lights {maybe another time} and headed straight to eat!  I snapped Carter's picture before we left because I thought he looked so cute in his button down and belt! 

I love how he stood so still and posed for me!

At the beginning of December, our Elf on the Shelf appeared again for his yearly visit.
Charlie has been all over the place {currently hanging from Chloe's ceiling fan so he can watch her closely} are a few of his tricks....

He was hungry so he snagged a few cereal bars!

I guess he needed some help getting back to the North Pole this particular day!

Tuesday night, Chloe had the opportunity to cheer at the CA Basketball Game.
She really enjoys this so I was excited to take her...little did I know that she was cheering at the Boys halftime show...not the girls. 2 1/2 hours later {with Carter in tow} we were headed home.  I have to say, Carter did exceptionally well considering he had to stay in one place for such a long time! 
Chloe did a great job dancing and cheering! 
{Chloe is upfront w/ the gray leggings & big yellow bow}

Clarksville Academy Cuties!

Carter was so sweet during the singing of the National Anthem.
I encouraged him to put his hands over his heart & this is what he did!
Ughhhh. Sweet Boy!

Today the Grinch visited Clarksville Academy!
Everywhere at school there were signs for Who-Ville!
The kids were encouraged to dress up like a character! 
We didn't get too creative...I did put pipe cleaners in Chloe's braids to make the stick out {points for a little bit of effort I guess :)} 
So thankful that people {Ms. Kemmer and other Faculty Friends} send us pictures so we can experience the day with the kids too!
Ms. Kemmer's 1st Grade Class!

Chloe on the sleigh ride watching "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" // Showing off her striped Christmas Dress // Singing around the Christmas Tree at CA // Showing off her crazy braids

A few other sweet pictures:

Early morning smiles. 

Chloe's on-going Christmas List!

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