Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Grand Cayman

Day #3
Port: Grand Cayman

I was a bit hesitant at our first port...only because I had never been on a cruise.  I didn't know what to expect when we got off the boat.  All I can say--Grand Cayman was BY FAR my favorite Port.  The people were amazing.  The excursion was so fun!!  I would vacation there for sure! 

We didn't book anything in advance...so when we got off the boat and got bombarded by people...we just kind of drifted towards the first excursion we came across.  It ended up being a Stingray Tour.  Again, I was a bit hesitant especially because we had a 2 year old with us...they didn't seem to mind ;)

The first stop was in the middle of the ocean...there were tons of boats kind of in a circle on a sand bar.  When you got off the boat, the stingrays came right up to you.  It was INSANE.  The kids got in the water but weren't so interested in touching the stingrays.  I think Chloe may have brushed against one.  I have to say, I didn't love the idea either...but, you only live once!  After visiting with the stingrays, we boated to another location to snorkel...followed by another stop to touch starfish!  It was an amazing day.

Here is the day in photos:

After breakfast, we made a few Character stops...
Jake from Jake & the Neverland Pirates {Carter's FAVORITE}

Lilo & Stitch

Headed off the boat.  The water in Grand Cayman was the most amazing color I have ever seen!  The picture doesn't even capture it!

On our tour--Stingray & Starfish

Later that day--swimming and dinner at the Animator's Palate.  Our Table number every night was 71.  This was my favorite restaurant because it was so kid friendly.  The turtle in the picture below was Crush from Finding Nemo...what made it so neat was that the turtle interacted with the table guests-asked questions, knew their names, etc. 

More Character stops after dinner:
Captain Mickey

Peter Pan 

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