Thursday, August 29, 2013

Last day as a twenty-something

{taken this morning to mark the occasion :)}

Well, this is very last day as a twenty-something.  I have to say, my twenties have been good to me--finished my undergrad at APSU, got married to my high school sweetheart {8 years ago}, was blessed with the two sweetest babies I could have ever prayed for, started in a business that I never thought I would be part of {but, LOVE}, bought 2 homes, bought 3 different cars, deepened friendships with so many wonderful people {most importantly Brittnye}, learned to be a supreme multi-tasker, am beginning to learn to let go {this is a tough one}, and learning to be a forgiver.

There have certainly been some low points, but the highs certainly out weigh the lows BY FAR!

I'm thankful for all the experiences my twenties have brought me, but I'm ready to embark on the next chapter with my husband and 2 growing kids.  Ready for life adventures without diapers involved, ready for school activities galore, t-ball practice, dance recitals, ready to deepen my faith and deepen my relationship with Blake, and everything else the next 10 years will bring!

Thankful for the journey so far!  Here's to the BIG 3-0!!!!!! 

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  1. I love your positive outlook, a beautiful tribute to your twenties! Happy birthday Fran!!!