Monday, August 12, 2013

Life Post Vacation

Well, since our vacation mid-July, things have been just as busy, but that's normal with 2 small kids, I guess.

Chloe lost her 3rd tooth!!

We've attempted to eat out a bit more with this crazy 2 year old.  Here is his 
"I'm Innocent Face"...convincing, right?  Dinner at Olive Garden! 

Dinner at Chipotle (see the trend in the innocent face...)
This night, it was just 3 of us...Chloe had a sleepover with her buddy, Rebekah!!

We've been to the lake a ton in the last few weeks...
Once with the Reigle & Ladd Families...lots of kids and craziness.  Fun times! 

Chloe gave tubing another try with Madalyn (she's quite the brave 10 year old so that gave Chloe extra confidence)!!

This photo sums up our friendship...Kasey (on the right) always making us laugh...always!

Lake time with the Jenkins Crew.
It was raining most of the morning so Chloe decided to play "beauty shop"...Carter was so thrilled for her to give him a mohawk!!  I love all their faces in this picture!

and finally, my Dad bought his dream car--
a 2012 Shelby GT 500
It's beautiful...proud for him and thankful for his loyalty to Jenkins & Wynne ;) 

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