Tuesday, April 26, 2011

6 Month Check Up

Well, the morning did not start out so great today.  When Carter got up for his morning bottle, I immediately noticed that he was flaming hot.  After his bottle, I took his temperature and it shot up to almost 103.  I was a little worried so I quickly gave the after hours number a call.  They said that the fever was good (he was fighting off something) and that I shouldn't worry about fever until it is between 105 and 108....ummmmm NO!  That is insane!  We already had an appointment scheduled today for his 6 month well check so it kind of worked out.  Needless to say, we have yet another ear infection on our hands and a slightly crabby boy (he is fussing as I type this).

He is extremely HEALTHY as far as size goes.  He is 20lbs 15oz (92%) and is 29" long (98%).  I guessed that he weighed more than that so I was a bit surprised.  No shots today due to the fever....so its back to see Dr. Roads in 2 weeks!

This picture was right after he got done eating tonight...it was at 7.  He barely slept all day so he was ready for bed a little earlier than normal!

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  1. poor little sweetie! We have managed to avoid the dreaded ear infection.