Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Carter's Monthdays---the last 5 months!

5 month highlights:
*I'm now eating 'food' 2x's a day--1/2 a jar of bananas or applesauce in the morning & a full jar of veggies at night
*I can sit up pretty good as long as I have a helping hand from my Momma
*I like to go to sleep at 7:30 pm or so and wake up TALKING around 5 am
*I LOVE the Jump-a-roo....I get so excited when it lights up
*I bear weight when Mommy tries to stand my up
*I have now rolled from my belly to my back
*I still love my feet...I try to put them in my mouth
*I put anything I can get my hands on in my mouth, by the way, including paper towels (which I love)
*I still like to have my blankets on my face but Mommy doesn't let me sleep that way
*Most nights I sleep by myself in my crib...sometimes I have to sleep in my car seat
*In my short 5 months of life, I have already had 3 ear infections...are tubes on the way?
*I smile at everything and everyone...pretty much still the happiest baby on Earth

We are enjoying every second of you Carter Blake.  You bring Mommy, Daddy & Big Sister Chloe so much joy!  We love you!


  1. no fun about the ear infections. :( loni is getting tubes on the 20th. i am so tired of double ear infections that NEVER heal!
    leila used to sleep with the lankets over her face and the corner of it shoved down her throat. she would scare me, bc she looked gagged! those blanket corners stunk SO bad, lol!