Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Good Ole' Austin, TX!

Two weeks ago, the whole Jenkins Crew (without kiddos :)) traveled to Austin, TX for a Ford 20 Group trip!  It was fun!  The preparation to go was a little more stressful that I anticipated...but we were able to drop both kids off (in different location) in 1 piece! :)  I am thankful for all of our helpers that took wonderful care of the kids (the best Auntie in the world--Mrs. Brittnye, the best Papa in the world & the best Birdie in the world)!  When we got home, Chloe said she 'was so happy to be home with my family.'  I felt the same way!
The first thing I noticed at the airport...Austin is known for its music so I thought these were appropriate!
View from our room--Beautiful!
Walking around Austin....we didn't even cover 1/4th of the main downtown area!  It's huge!
Casey wanted to visit Lance Armstrong's store....it was pretty neat...
While there, Blake made a new friend :)
The Capital Building
This hot car had a very powerful looking woman in it...Casey and I thought we should take a pic.  Not every day you drive by one of these!
Last night in Austin--Dinner at Trulucks Crab & Seafood--Yum!

Fun times!

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