Thursday, September 6, 2012

6 years old!

Sweet Chloe,
When did you go from this:
to this:
Chloe this morning before school showing sass / birthday cupcakes & napkins for school celebration /
pic from Mrs. Kemmer with the birthday girl & her special hat / Chloe & Rebecca eating with Me at school today

Be still my heart.
You are getting so big so fast.
Every day, I see you becoming more of a lady and it is alarming how fast time is going by.
Everyone always told me that once you have kids, times flies...they weren't lying!

Chloe, what a pleasure it is to watch you grow, change, learn every day!
You are a precious gem and we couldn't be more proud of who you are becoming.
Your love for life is so evident in everything you do...and the fact that you can belly laugh for 30 minutes straight shows your lighthearted spirit!  
Please always stay this way--enjoy every second!
Happy 6th Birthday Boo!
We Love You!
Mom, Dad, & Carter