Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Photo-A-Day Challenge: September 1-15

As always, I'm terribly behind on life so that means the blog takes a back seat....
But, here's an update on my September Photo-A-Day Pictures.
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9.1 You, Now
{officially a 29 year old Mom of of 2 days ago}
9.2 Father
{early morning lounge time with our Dad}

9.3 Far Away
{far away view of these crazy acrobats at the Circus}

9.4 In My Mailbox
{I was thrilled this arrived in the mail on the 1st day of Dance #procrastinator}

9.5 Bright
{a left over treat from Chloe's Class Birthday celebration; I thought the napkins were festive}

9.6 Every day
{Everyday, I'm proud this sweet girl calls me Momma; Happy 6th Birthday to Chloe #timeflies}

9.7 Natural
{cousins in their natural state...relaxing at Grandy & Jenks' house}

9.8 At Night

{this was a rare night that I was in bed by 8:45 and watching Keeping up with the kind of night}

9.9 Something You Do Most Weekends
{eat lunch with my family after Church--this day--El Comal}

9.10 Black & White

{loving being able to wear my black & white cardigan to work...glad the weather is cooling down!}

9.11 Hero
{obvious choice--my Dad! He served in the Military for 20+ years...couldn't be more proud to be his daughter}

9.12 Together
{being together with these 2 girls makes me happy...Happy 29th Birthday to the best friend a girl could ask for!!}

9.13 Table
{Since Chloe was home with strep throat this day, we decided to head to her fav restaurant to eat...she didn't really feel bad people}

9.14 Favorite
{one of my fav pictures from Winter 2011...a chunky sweet faced picture of my boy}

9.15  First Thing You See
{on this Saturday morning, Carter & Nick Jr}

Stay tuned for more fun photos to come! 
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