Saturday, September 1, 2012

August Photo-A-Day

Well, its been a bit since I've truly particpated in the Photo-A-Day Challenge...
but, I did complete August & I'm excited for September!
Here is the 1st - 31st!
Picture overload!
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8.1 outside
 {glad Amanda got me out to run outside on this particular morning}

8.2 one
 {this sweet faced boy will only be one for a few more months}

8.3 coin
 {the only money in my wallet are coins}

8.4 somewhere I sat
 {swings at Holiday World}

8.5 logo
{no surprise I snapped a picture of this logo PLUS it was laundry day}
8.6 writing
 {a sweet card from a sweet friend--I love snail mail}

8.7 8 o'clock
 {hanging with Mr. Owl while Riley plays outside}

8.8 glasses
 {my favorite mugs / glasses I bought while working at Pier 1 in my college days}

8.9 messy
{my sweet girl is a hot mess--while school shopping she decided to wear this skirt as a shirt--love her}

8.10 ring
 {still in love with my rings after all these years. Blake did good work}

8.11 purple
{purple sunnies and purple plaid on a Cracker Barrel kind of morning}

8.12 spoon
 {spoon Momma...the messy yogurt kind}

8.13 simple
 {loving my new simple gold cross necklace}

8.14 arrow
{when I'm bored I refresh Instagram with this arrow way too many times a day}

8.15 ready
{this dirty boy was ready for a bath}

8.16 food
{Blake decided to bring in a 24" pizza to the bar we were in...only Blake-in the middle of a bar-in South Carolina}
8.17 faces
 {our faces...first time on a bike taxi in Charleston}

8.18 inside
 {the inside of this Starbucks on King Street was crazy busy}

8.19 hole
{the amazing view from my window seat}
8.20 today
 {helping my 1st grader with her 1st set of spelling words}

8.21 cool
 {thankful for this button to keep me cool in the 100 degree weather}

8.22 home
 {we've called this place home for the last 6 1/2 years!}

8.23 pair
{these 2 are my favorite pair}

8.24 path
{this F150 was in my path tonight while cleaning up the yard}

8.25 fresh
 {new frames with fresh paint for the kids bathroom...thanks Goodwill & Rustoleum}

8.26 dream
 {sweet dreams for these 2}

8.27 tap
{Chloe's tiny tap shoes}

8.28 clock
 {love seeing this sweet face everytime I look at my clock}

8.29 down
 {when I looked down at Chloe, she was organizing her crayons...she comes by it naturally}

8.30 card
{my sweet card from Blake & the kiddos for my 29th birthday}
8.31 hidden
{these $4 Essie's were hidden at TJMaxx!  Much better than paying $8 per bottle!}

The September Photo-A-Day is underway!
Get on board!
Happy Saturday friends!

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