Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What I'm Lovin' Wednesday

What am I Lovin' today?
The fact that I'm hammering out 2 Blog Posts in one day--superstar!

Here are a few things I'm Lovin' today:

I'm Lovin' the fun package I got in the mail a few days ago...lots of Kelly's Kids goodness!
A few dresses for Chloe & some super preppy duds for Carter!
In Love!

I'm Lovin' being a Mom to this crazy, wild, mischievous boy...
case in point: 
Wild does not even really sum up his behavior lately.
Terrible 2's..."Hello!!"
I never experienced this with Chloe so I'm in new territory as a parent!
For memory purposes...we ate at Old Chicago on Monday...well, I stuffed my food down my throat so that I could get something in my stomach because I was too busy try to occupy and distract my almost 2 year old.  He was standing up, pulling on the blinds, flinging ranch dressing, poking the man sitting behind us...the list could go on and on! 

I'm Lovin' school picture day at Clarksville Academy!
Here is the adorable outfit Chloe wore... 
She hated it... :(
We fought hard yesterday morning...but, I promised she could pick out her own outfit today.
Win-Win as far as I'm concerned!

Finally, I'm Lovin' party planning for 2 special boys...
here's a sneak peak of the invite thanks to my super talented friend, Holly!
We are doing a double party with our Buddy, Anderson, this year!
Can't wait! 

What are you Lovin' today?

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