Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Life Lately

Well, I've been lucky enough to have several "girl's nights out"....
last Friday night, I headed to see Chonda Pierce at First Baptist Church.
She's a Christian Comedian...so FUNNY!
I went with my Community Group Girls, Brittnye, and Lauren...we ate at Blackhorse and then headed over to see Chonda.  Funny enough, Chonda is from this area so she talked for about 3 hours!  It was great, but I was exhausted by the time I got home!

KK stopped by and gave Carter his birthday present...she also dropped by these lovely nails!
Chloe was busting at the seams to put them on!  They actually fit her tiny fingers pretty good and stayed on fairly well...she asked if she could wear them to school...I told her "not yet" :)

The following Monday night, I headed to Atlanta with my girlfriend, Haven.
She was going to Market to purchase a few things for her shop-The Pink Bee.
I was more than happy to ride along!
Market was quite an experience...nothing like I have ever experienced before...
tons of people, really great prices, lots of options.
I definitely could not be a 'for-real' buyer!
{this was just one tiny bubble necklace section in one of the many, many stores--CHOICES}

We stayed at the W hotel in downtown Atlanta.
Swanky doesn't even do this place justice.
It was so incredibly hip...and I'm 29.  I can't even imagine what the older clientele think of this place!
It was quite an experience!

On the way home, we stopped at a hole in the wall Mexican restaurant called Nuevo Laredo!
It was probably the most delicious and most authentic Mexican I have EVER eaten {and I've eaten A LOT of Mexican food in my day} YUM! I will go there again--FOR SURE!

Here is a silly picture that a friend texted of Chloe from Halloween--
Silly girl!

Blake was actually out of town all last week for his final week of Dealer Academy in DC!
Praise Jesus that he's done!  I know he is far more relieved than me!
Casey & Blake graduated on Friday and flew home that evening.  We were so excited for Daddy to be home!  We celebrated with a quick run to Baskin Robbins!

Early Saturday morning, I headed to Hendersonville for a Girls Weekend with all my High School Buddies!  We have been planning to do this for months and I was so excited for a mini-vacation!
We ate Cracker Barrel {twice}, shopped, watched movies, painted our nails, and enjoyed lots of fun time together!  Thanks Brittnye for the fun weekend!
{Brittnye & I outside of Christmas Village in Nashville}

{Dinner w/ Friends at Longhorn}

{A yummy beverage once we were home!}

Finally, Chloe was off yesterday for Veteran's Day so she stayed home with my Mom!
They decided to go shopping...and she came home with a new Christmas Tree!
She was busting at the seams to put it out last night...so I obliged!
Here she is proudly showing off her 2 Christmas Trees!

Birdie also picked up this sweet sweater dress for her...
Chloe has been so weird about wearing boots this year...I truly think its because she knows I love them! 
But, she agreed that if I let her put out her Christmas Trees, she would wear the boots! 
She looked so precious! 


  1. Love all the photos! Glad you have had a great girl time with friends & the market? what is that & where is it at in Atl? I wanna go!

  2. I wished I'd known you were in front of all those baubles!!! I just ordered one, and I wanted a color they were sold out of. Looks like you would have had it there.