Thursday, November 1, 2012

Photo-A-Day Challenge: 15th-31st

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10.15 dinnertime
{dinnertime consisted of homework this night}

10.16 something you wrote / 10.17 fruit / 10.18 made you smile today / 10.19 letters

{Counting my blessings / bananas & donuts / waffles & donuts with Carter / love this "J" on our picture wall}

10.20 4 o'clock
{at River Mound Farms...he loves PUMPKINS & anything orange right now}

10.21 calm
{keep calm & color on...during the color run w/ Amanda}

10.22 in your town
{I rocked this of the best times I've ever had}

10.23 the view from here
{Community Group at our house}

10.24 weather
{sad...I just had my car washed this day rains! Perfect}

10.25 people
{these 2 have my heart}

10.26 listening to
{best Pandora station}

10.27 morning
{great run on this particular morning w/ my J&W co-workers}

10.28 looking back
{the Jenkins Family circa 2007...Chloe was 1 & super chunky}

10.29 moon
{sadly, I didn't do this day ;( }

10.30 clothes
{love this shirt that I borrowed from the Bestie}

10.31 whatever you please
{some cousin LOVE on Halloween Night}

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