Thursday, March 6, 2008

Breakfast in Bed...Well, Kind of!

Well, I have a few things to post today! But first, I had a nice surprise this morning. This is how it started...last night, Blake and I were laying down to go to bed. He informed me that he would have to hold our Sales Meeting the next morning. At the time, I found it strange that he was not nervous in the least and that he had not mentioned it before. I asked him what he planned to talk about, and he said he had not even thought about it really (again, I should have seen the big red flag). So, he wanted me to wake him up at 5:45am so that he could plan out the meeting. I told him 'Okay.' My thought was, I wanted him to be prepared because he would not only embarrass himself if not prepared but me too...and we don't want that to happen. So, at 5:45am this morning, my annoying alarm went off. I woke Blake up as fast as I could...and then, cool as a cucumber, he said 'are you hungry?' Of course I is 5:45 in the morning! I said 'yeah, but you need to get working on your meeting.' He then informed me that he made the whole thing up, but that he wanted to get up early so that he could make me breakfast! Needless to say, I was thrilled. This never happens :) So, Blake made me eggs and waffles for breakfast. We got to sit as a family this morning (even though it was only for 10 minutes) and eat together! I was so happy! He got a few brownie points for that one!
So, this week was Spirit Week at Chloe's Daycare. Of course, we had to participate! Monday was 'Spirit Day'--wear your Mulberry Bush official colors--either Blue or Green! Chloe walked into Daycare very proudly in her green onsie and her green bow! Very Cute!
The next day, was 'Dance your Pants Off'...Unfortunately, I did not have a fun outfit for that day...but, she did look cute in her jeans!

Wednesday, was 'Wacky, Tacky, Backwards Day'...well, I put Chloe in the wackiest outfit I could find...but again, I thought it was pretty cute!

Finally, I went to a great Consignment Sale earlier this week. I found lots of goodies for Chloe (this is where I get the bulk of her clothes each season). One of the great items I found was a Play the big ones. It was even better when I saw the price tag of $15! I scooped it up really fast! Well, Blake and I introduced it to Chloe on Wednesday! I have never heard this child say 'Yay.' But...she did clear as day when she saw it sitting in the hallway. It was so cute! I am hoping that this toy will give us a few minutes of peace and rest during the coming days! We will see how long it stays interesting to her!

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