Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Lots to catch up on!

Well, I have lots to post...so bear with me. The Jenkins Family has been busy! Two weeks ago we had a big day! We ate breakfast at Cracker Barrel with Grandpa Gallegos! It was yummy. Chloe enjoyed rocking in the 'big' rocking chair! Blake and I then took her to the Children's Museum downtown. It was a really fun..well, Chloe loved it. It was kind of dark and dingy..not like I remember it from when we were little. But, she loved it none the less. They have a grocery store for the kids to shop in...they can push their carts and pick out all the food their little hearts desire. She loves doing anything that involves pushing / pulling more than one item. At one point she was pushing 3 grocery carts! We also got to go into the Bubble room...there were lots of big kids so we did not spend too much time in there! In between breakfast and the Museum, we attempted to take Chloe to the Easter Bunny. She seemed really into it...she was pointing and saying 'Puppy.' I guess the Easter Bunny looks like a puppy...oh, to be a child! Anyway, once we put her in the Bunny's lap, it was down hill. She was not having it. Needless to say, we did not get a 2008 Easter Bunny Pic!

Austin Peay went to the NCAA tournament this year! Go Govs! So Grandy and Grandaddy were not sure if they were going to be here for Easter...so they gave Chloe her Easter treats early! Thanks Grandy and Grandaddy!
Aunt KK is attempting to put her new Bunny Ears on...she doesn't really like anything on her head...unless it is a bow, of course!
'Check out my new bunny purse...I'm serious.' Can't you tell by that face!
Last Wednesday, Chloe's daycare class had an Easter Party. Under normal circumstances, I purchase delicious cupcakes from Walmart. For some reason I got the itch to bake cupcakes. I have never done it before...I must say, they came out quite yummy! Not the prettiest things I have ever seen...but yummy none the less. Chloe was a big helper!

Yummy! Not too bad for my first baking experience :) I'll be posting our zoo adventure and Easter pictures tomorrow! I hope everyone had an amazing Easter...I know we did!

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