Friday, March 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Well, it is official...Blake is 25! On March 12th, we celebrated the day that our insurance (well his insurance) goes down! Hooray! That is pretty lame. What do we have to look forward to now? I brought a cake to work so that we could celebrate with all of his Honda co-workers. The cake was really good--thanks Kroger! Being the great wife that I am (no comments please :)), I took Blake to eat at Hananoki! Yummy! Blake said his food was not that great, but mine was fabulous! We ate in the sushi bar as our appetizer and then on to the main course. We got the usual--fillet and shrimp for me and the assorted seafood for Blake! Aunt Casey watched Chloe for us so that we could have a few good hours of Blake and Fran time! Much needed! Casey took Chloe to a softball game. She loved it! It was a beautiful day outside...perfect softball weather! She played with some new friends and got to eat a yummy cupcake (probably her favorite food...when they are available and when I let her have one)! All I can say, it has been a great week! Oh--Thanks Aunt KK for watching our Bird! The other picture of Chloe was at Aunt KK's house during dinner time. She was not that interested in the food as you can see!

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