Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Snow and Birthday Cake!

So, we all woke up on Saturday morning to...I don't know...a few inches of snow. I don't know if I have ever seen that much snow in Clarksville...ever. It was so beautiful. We certainly did enjoy it. I took Chloe out for a few minutes. She was really not that into it. She is so girly....It might have been because she was so bundled up she couldn't move. Who knows? I wanted to make sure she was nice and warm. Because Blake was still asleep, I attempted to use the timer on my camera to get a good pic of me and Chloe...I don't think I was a huge success. Well, now all the snow is melted, unfortunately, so on with the warm weather please!

On Sunday, Chloe and I went to her friend's birthday party. Izzie turned 1! Her mom, Ashley, did such a fabulous job decorating. It was a butterfly themed party...perfect for a little girl. The kids got to play 'pin the antenna on the butterfly.' I thought that was a genius idea! Chloe had a great time visiting with her friends. She also enjoyed the yummy birthday cake...she really is my daughter :)

This is a picture of Chloe and her friend, Sylas, at the Birthday Party...Sylas is always smiles...can't say that about Chloe. It is hard to get her to pose for pictures...I am working on it! Well, tomorrow is Blake's Birthday...I am taking him on a surprise dinner. I will post pictures later this week!

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