Monday, March 31, 2008

First Trip to the Zoo, Easter 2008, and an Iron

I am getting so terrible about keeping this thing updated...I promise to do better :) We have been super busy! On Good Friday, Chloe and I went with Jennifer and Sylas to the Zoo. I was so excited...1st-because Chloe had never been to the Zoo and 2nd-I had not been since Blake and I were in high school (and that was a long time ago). They have done so much since I have been there. We ate lunch, visited with all the animals, went to the petting zoo, and *best of all* Chloe got to ride the carousel. She was a little freaked out at first, but it did not take long for her to fall in love with it. When the ride stopped, she continued to bounce up and down...I guess that was her attempt to make the ride continue. She sat on some kind of marsupial..not sure what type of animal it was, but it went up and down, and that was all that mattered! The Best $2 that I could have spent that day! Enjoy the pics :)

Chloe did not really want to pet the animals...she really wanted to collect all the animal brushes. She is a funny girl!

Play area at the Zoo! Chloe and Sylas had a big time in here. And, as Jennifer put it, it was very hard to get this picture...Chloe is not smiling necessarily, but they are both looking at the camera :)

It was such a pretty day that day...this was after we got back from the Zoo. Blake got home early, so we spent some time outside. Chloe still does not lover her Barbie ATV...but she is getting there. She wanted to get a suntan on her belly instead...priorities!
Easter 2008 was wonderful. Chloe got lots of treats from the Easter Bunny this year to include sidewalk chalk, new crayons, a shapes puzzle, and two new purses. No candy of this point her Fruit Loops are her 'treat.' I guess I will keep that going as long as I can! We got up and went to early service on Easter Sunday. The Service was great! Then we went and had a big meal at the Country Club! All in all a great day! Oh--the best part, in between Church and Lunch, we did a mini-Easter Egg Hunt at Grandy and Jenks' House. Chloe was so in to it. I was really amazed. She was literally banging on the door to get outside and pick up the eggs. If this gives me any insight into next year, I can't wait :)

Yesterday, Blake and I had to go and pick up a new iron. We went to Linens-and-Things. Well, much to Chloe's excitement, they have miniature shopping carts. She had a blast pushing her cart around the whole store. She did not want Blake and I to touch all! It was pretty funny! This has to be the cutest picture ever! How can you get mad at such a sweet face?

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