Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I <3 Fall!!

I am absolutely in love with this time of year. I love wearing sweaters and fall coats and using my heated seats!!! This is my favorite season to dress Chloe too! Cute little jeans and boots! Ohhh, I go crazy! Also, so many fun events are going on--Hillbilly Ball, Football, Homecoming. We have a busy weekend coming up. I am sure I will have lots of great pictures to post at the top of next week.

Well, on to what is new with us! Right now, Chloe STILL has Strep Throat. For those of you that have been around her...don't be alarmed...she is not contagious. She does not have a fever at all. We went to the Doctor on Monday night and he said that her throat was still swollen along with her lymph nodes. I was hoping for ear infections because I knew that would be easily fixable and would totally explain why she has not been sleeping well. I guess having a sore throat doesn't make it easy to sleep either. Oh, plus, since she has been screaming when we put her to bed, that only makes matters worse!
Last Sunday, we had a cookout with the Abrams and the Hales. We wanted to get the kids together to play. Alec and Jack are so adorable. It makes me so happy that so many of my friends have kids Chloe's is fun to watch them interact and grow together. Anyway, Ashley and Kevin bought a ton of meat (Chicken, Steak, and Shrimp) and Amelia and I provided sides and appetizers. It was great food and company.
PS--Chloe was obsessed with Jack's Thomas the Train Chair and Computer. She sat in it the entire time..she even took it outside with her when she went out to play.

Last night, to keep Chloe occupied, I busted out the Play Doh (did I spell that right?). Chloe had so much fun with it, and it kept her busy for a good 30 minutes....long enough for me to make dinner. The picture of her masterpiece is below! :) So creative.
Chloe and I ventured to Kroger the other day. We tend to go right after I get off work (around 5:30 or so) so she is not always in the best of moods...being that it is about dinner time. She seemed to be in good spirits so I let her push the kiddie cart. She loved it and was ready to smile really big when I wanted to take her picture. Because she was so good and did not cause any mass chaos with her cart, I bought her a big pumpkin cookie! She was so excited about the cookie at Kroger, but it was a bust once we got home. She tried to eat it, and I guess she decided it was too hard because she took one nibble and was done! Well, I enjoyed it at least!
Here is a picture just for fun. Brittnye got Chloe these tub tablets for her birthday. There are blue, yellow, and purple ones. We drop them in to color the water during bathtime. Chloe decided it would be fun to hold the blue tablet the entire time. Her fingers were blue for 2 days! You know I was thrilled! :) Okay, gotta get back to work! Enjoy the day!

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