Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Okay, this is what my sweet child use to look like when she was sleeping.....
Not so much anymore. It has been World War III for the past week. I know she has been sick, but that is no longer an excuse. She is now better than ever. I can't get her to sleep at night. Last night, we fought (seriously, fought) for almost an 1 hour straight. She will stand in her crib and scream "Momma's Bed Downstairs." Let me be clear, I don't (generally) let Chloe sleep in our bed. Our bed is a FULL...I repeat....a FULL. There is no way 2 adults and a baby can sleep peacefully in our bed. I do, however, let her sit in my bed and watch Elmo right before she goes to bed. I guess that is the problem. So last night, after she had screamed for almost an hour, I finally went and sat by her crib. She looked at me for about 2 minutes, turned her head, and she was out.
The moral of this story. How do I get her to go to sleep willfully in her own bed????
Any Suggestions?
Should I put her in a big girl bed or maybe turn her crib into a day bed with the rail thing? I am at a loss...


  1. oh girl, DON'T, i repeat DO NOT put her in a big girl bed before she climbs out unless she is like 4, lol...that makes it soooo much harder! i was hoping leila would stay in hers until she was 3...it has been ww3 around her since she got her big girl bed, although it is getting better lately, but it's been like 3 months! maybe try sitting outside her crib from the start like supernanny does and each night stay a little further away and a little less time. good luck, i hate sleep issues!

  2. I could tell Izzie was ready for a big girl bed, because she was asking me to go to bed and not really calling out to me in the morning, until she was ready to get up... so, I moved her into a twin. I was pretty sure I was jumping the gun, because of her age, and I SERIOUSLY thought that in the days following the move... but, patience and consistancy has paid off!!! 4-5 nights of walking her back to her bed 10 TIMES A NIGHT!!! And, a near mental breakdown later, she actually took my hand and walked me to her room last night, then climbed in bed. I grabbed some books, sat by her bed, and she out on the 3rd book. I regretted it about the third night and I thought it was never going to work out... but, after last night and seeing her get into her bed on her own will, I can see she's really prided by it and it taking to the freedom nicely! So, the move just takes A LOT of patience... and trust me, God and I have been talking A LOT the past week! He's blessed me!
    ~ Ashley and Izzie