Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Lots going on...

(I love this I thought I would share it first!!!)
Well, as usual, I am terrible about updating this thing. A lot of things have gone on in the past few months--My 25th Birthday, Chloe's 2nd Birthday, Brittnye's Birthday, Natalie and Bryan's Wedding, etc. We laid kind of low for my 25th. Brittnye, Steven, Blake, and I went to Zanie's to see Jimmy Fallon for my Birthday. It was so fun. Jimmy Fallon was amazing. How you would see him on Saturday Night Live is how he is in person. He is very physical with his comedy.

Chloe's Birthday was great. We had a lady bug theme this year. I found her the most adorable smocked lady bug dress and the most precious lady bug shoes. Needless to say, she was ready for the party. We did red and black cupcakes, subway sandwiches, and juice boxes...we tried to keep it easy and stress free this year. Last year, Blake and Don grilled for everyone and it took up a lot of time for them to do that. Anyway, we also did a lady bug / bumble bee was a hit! All the kids, even the little ones, really enjoyed it. I also made a "Pin the Antenna on the Lady Bug" game. It was so precious. I don't have a pic of it to post (unfortunately), but I was really proud of my craftiness. We finished the afternoon with presents...Chloe is definitely not lacking in that department. She got so much great stuff to include tons of great fall clothes, books, movies, baby dolls, etc. Thanks to everyone who shared in this special day! We had so much fun!
This picture was taken the day before Chloe's actual birthday...we sent cupcakes to daycare for her class to celebrate. We had left over cupcakes so we celebrated again that night! She wanted me to clean her hands....She DOES NOT like to be dirty....AT ALL. Wonder where she gets that from? :)
For Brittnye's Birthday at the beginning of September, we all went to eat at the Depot in Springfield. Okay, I have lived in Clarksville my entire life, and I have never heard of this wonderful place. It is so quaint and small-town like...the food there is amazing. We will definitely be going back!

This past weekend, Blake, Chloe, and I traveled to Savannah, TN for Natalie and Bryan's Wedding. For those of you who don't know Natalie, she is my little sister in Chi Omega...and also one of my dearest friends! Her and Bryan were married this past Saturday in an outside wedding. The ceremony was held in the back yard of a beautiful Spanish style house. The reception was also in the back yard under a lit up tent. It was so pretty. They had good food, fireworks, sparklers, the whole nine. I was her Maid of Honor! We had a great time! We came home on Sunday morning very we just hung out at home and ate pizza with my Dad. We don't get to just lounge very often so it was a nice change of pace for us.
Take 1
Take 2
Oh, the other thing going on right now is that we are attempting to break Chloe of the terrible habit of thumb sucking. For those of you who did this when you were young, I know it is a very, very hard thing to break. We are struggling with this...Chloe LOVES her thumb. It is her comfort. I have tried lots of different things in the past--the stuff you paint on (actually two different brands of this) and putting band aids on her thumb. Neither of these things worked in the past. We are trying again though so any advice / suggestions would be very much appreciated! Chloe went to the Dentist yesterday for her 2 year old check up...the Dentist said she will DEFINITELY be a candidate for braces. That's fun to hear! I guess I need to start saving now!
Well, this weekend coming up, we are taking Chloe to Honeysuckle Hills. I am super pumped. They have lots of activities for kids to do--pumpkin patch, hay ride, pictures, petting zoo. I think Chloe is going to love it!
I promise to update this thing more often...I have been a slacker! Ya'll have a great week! :)

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