Monday, October 13, 2008

The Pumpkin Patch

Last weekend...well, I guess two weekends ago...we went with my Small Group to Honeysuckle Hills in Coopertown. It was great. They have so much for kids to do there, and it's not too far away from Clarksville. They have hay rides, a petting zoo, a corn maze, a little train ride, jungle gyms, big slides, food, etc...Chloe had a great time. Below are a few pictures of the day. She is getting so big. I can't believe how independant she is. Oh, we had to do an outfit change in the middle of the was SOOOO hot. I am glad I packed the extra outfit!

Corn Maze

Riding the Swing

Going down the Pipe Slide with Daddy

Kiddie Ride with Mommy (Yes, I squeezed myself in there with her!)
Say *Cheese*

Petting the Horsey...Chloe and Izzie weren't scared at all.
Picking out her baby pumpkin!!

Attempt at a Family Pick!
This past week, she had strep throat. That was pretty terrible. She was so sick and could not tell me what was wrong. Once we figured it out, she kept saying "Momma, my next hurts." It made me so sad, but it was so sweet. Enjoy the pics!

Feeling much better after having strep! So adorable!


  1. I'm so glad that you found out why she was so upset and that she is feeling better.

    and I want to be able to click that picture of you in that train thingy! I MUST see that in a bigger format!! lol! I probably would have had to hang my legs out, and would have looked like a spider!
    Love ya girl!

  2. glad ya'll had fun...we are going there this sat, the kids are sooo excited! :) good job keeping the blog up lately. :)