Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thumbsucking Update

Okay, I really think this thumb sucking thing is going to be a struggle....I don't think I can kid myself. I have been telling Chloe for the past two days that her thumbs (both of them) have Boo-Boos on them. Hence the reason why she has band aids on both of them. Well, it was so adorable when I picked her up from school yesterday. Her teachers said that she has been showing everyone her Boo-Boos and saying that they hurt. How funny!!! She is so precious. Everyone I have talked to that has kids that suck their thumbs or they personally sucked their thumbs said that it takes YEARS to kick the habit. Oh great...looks like we are going to be in this fight for a while.

When I went into her room to check on her last night, she was sucking away on her new Dora Band aids that I bought her! Jeez! I really thought she would have sympathy for Dora and not suck on her...I guess I need to give it time!!

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  1. my boys sucked their thumbs until they were almost 3 1/2. it never bothered me b/c it looked so cute. :) they would rub their belly button at the same time. if she is using it as comfort, the bigger the deal you make of it the more you will struggle with her. we waited until we had talked about it enough and knew that THEY wanted to stop sucking to do something about it. after several months of them wanting to stop but it being such a habit that they couldn't was when we took action and did the super nasty tasting took one day and they've never sucked again! not saying this approach will work for everyone but that's how it went down for us. good luck!