Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hair Trim

Last night Chloe and I went over to our favorite hairstylists house for a bang trim. Bless Laura for always cutting my family's hair at odd hours of the night. (You can check out Laura's blog here. There is always something fun going on with the Richards' Clan). She is so great to us...she generally cuts Blake's hair after he gets off of 8pm!! Now that is service! The whole way there, Chloe kept saying "Leila's house, Leila's house." She was so excited to go and see the kids, but once we got there, she turned into her shy self! Chloe had school pictures today so I had to make sure her bangs were nice and pretty. It has been a little while since she has had a full hair cut...I am currently trying to grow it out. So far so good!

I forgot to mention that Laura keeps Chloe still by letting her play with the squirt bottle. What this results in is a big wet mess. Thankfully Laura is relaxed and does not mind...yesterday Chloe gave the mirror and the floor a good cleaning...well, it was soaked anyway!

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