Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Sweetest Thing...

Okay, I have some FABULOUS news....Below is the Riddle that led me to my surprise. Check it out and then I will explain:
So, I had Bunco last night (my monthly meeting with great friends...we don't ever play). Anyway, Blake was at home with Chloe. I told him I would be home around 8:30 or so. Right at 8:30, he called and asked what I was doing...I told him I was on my way home and would be there in a sec. He said to be very quite because Chloe was already asleep (which was a miracle because it has been very hard to get her to sleep the last few months). When I pulled into the garage, I saw the first note taped to the kitchen door. From there, I was led to the second note, which had a glass of wine by it (YAY)! By the end of my journey, I was at our Bathroom door (which was shut).
When I opened it.... SURPRISE...Blake was there with my CAMERA! (The shot above was kind of posed because he could not get my camera to take a picture correctly!!! Gotta love technology!) Oh my gosh, I was so thrilled. I did not even have words. My CAMERA was no longer lost! :) Blake has been trying to find it in our house for weeks with no luck. He decided to call Scott to see where someone may turn in something that was found on the AP campus. Scott told Blake to call Campus Police. It turns out that I did in fact drop my camera on the ground right before we tailgated. A ticket collector found it and turned it in. This kind act definitely reassured me that there are still good hearted people in the world. I figured my camera was long gone by now. Blake secretly went to pick it up yesterday afternoon and then devised this fun scavenger hunt to give it back to me. What a catch I have...I mean really, it was one of the sweetest things he has ever done. I am so grateful for the thought he put into this!!! He came up with the riddle all on his own...that really impressed me! He had a nice bubble bath run with candles and all! It was a great end to the night :)


  1. aww, i am ever sooo impressed! who knew blake was such a sweetie? :)

  2. the only poems, riddle, etc. that my husband ever comes up aren't exactly tasteful!