Monday, November 17, 2008

Murder Mystery Party...

Okay, I have been a slacker when it comes to posting...I was doing so good there for about half a minute :0) A few weekends ago, Blake and I went to a Murder Mystery Party. It was so fun. It was basically a live version of Clue. A few weeks prior to the party, Blake and I got separate envelopes in the mail with instructions and a character synopsis. I was the sister of the deceased and Blake was his life long butler. We arrived at the full character of course...and were given another envelope. This one had money to bribe with and questions to ask certain people (in order to get more information). The ultimate goal, of course, was to figure out "WHO DUNNIT." It was quite fun I must admit. During the evening, there was actually another murder committed, which provided a nice twist. In the end, the Chauffeur was the murderer. It was good times!
On another good note, I have almost all of my Christmas shopping done! Just so you know...this is a HUGE accomplishment for me. I am usually a late the week before Christmas shopper :)


  1. sooo fun! i'm jealous!! i've always wanted to do one of these! where did they get the game from?

  2. It was so fun! I think they bought the game online. It was like $30 from what I understand and it came will all the stuff! You should do it. We did it with a few people we knew and a few people we met that night; it was nice to meet new people in a different way!