Thursday, November 20, 2008

Oh, the Drama

Well, a little update. Yesterday was Chloe's picture day at her Daycare, the Mulberry Bush. Well, I did not pick up Chloe from Daycare yesterday because I hosted my monthly book club at my house last night. Anyway, Sandy (aka Grandy) picked her up. Come to find out...when it came time to smile, she was not into it. They changed her into her pretty dress and hair bow, and she decided she did not want to cooperate.
Well, the great thing is that we have just recently had her 2 year old pictures taken by our favorite Clarksville Photographer...Lashonda McGregor. You can check out her work here. Chloe's gallery is up and ready to be viewed. I would love opinions on which one is your favorite. I will have to say that I am thrilled Lashonda was able to get these pictures...Chloe WAS NOT a cooperative child during our two sessions (well, she was better the second time around).
To view the gallery, go to Lashonda's link above and ENTER SITE. Then click on CLIENTS. Chloe's password is chloefall1. Let me know what you think! It is always so hard for me to choose!
Oh, just so you know, Chloe generally loves the camera....Can't you tell:


  1. the pics turned out great! too many to choose from, lol! among my favs are: 6088, 6110, 6131, 6138, 6140, 6141, 6205, 6206, 9004, 9005, 9012, 9030. good luck! :)

  2. I love the ones with the sucker. She is too cute!