Wednesday, January 21, 2009

God or Enfamil?

Okay, I am not sure if it is God trying to tell me something or the good ole' people at Enfamil...but, over the last two days, I have received both a coupon for formula and a free can of formula in the mail. One thing that I do know is that I'm not pregnant....that is to be announced sometime in the near future (maybe...we'll see). Oh wait, that sounds like I am pregnant but not telling...totally not the case...we are thinking maybe sometime in the future (just to clarify)....But, I find it so strange that out of the blue I have started receiving baby stuff in the mail. A few weeks ago, I got a coupon from Target that said "Receive free $20 gift card when you sign up for a baby registry." Seriously?? I guess since it has been three years since I have been pregnant, these companies think it is about time for me to start again!! I guess it is a good marketing ploy, and I do have to say that we have tossed the idea around, but come on...two Enfamil packages in two days. Crazy! Just thought I would share :P!! I am happy to pass all of these great savings onto my Sister In Law, Casey, cause she is actually pregnant!


  1. Yeah, its a marketing thing. about 2 years after I got married I started getting "Baby" magazine at the shipping address I used for my wedding registry. Target to be exact.

    As if the clocks weren't ticking loud enough at the Silvey house.

  2. yep, we get them too. lol, maybe a little of both (God and Enfamil)?