Friday, January 30, 2009

I actually created something....

Have you ever seen those pillow case dresses? Well, they are adorable, and people charge a fortune for them. I decided (after seeing Amy T. create some for sweet Lilly), that I would give it a go. She gave me some guidance, and I did a little research online. Well, I whipped one out last night. I have to say, I think it came out pretty cute. I rushed a little because I wanted to get it done before Blake came home. I put it on her after her bath with cute brown leggings...I am so proud of myself. I bought some other cute Black and White fabric with hot pink ribbon. I plan to make it this weekend! We will see. Here is Chloe modeling her new dress for me....she is just so sassy! :)
The fabric is cute paisley with brown / pink polka dot ribbon.
As I get better, I will figure out how to add more in progress.


  1. you did so well! I'm very proud and impressed.

  2. very cute! we actually made these last spring at a church activity. i used a huge pillow case though so leila won't be wearing hers for awhile...we loaned it to a 9 year old friend, lol!