Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Girl and Her Make Up

My Mom got Chloe some real make-up for Christmas. Okay, when my Mom called and asked if it was okay, I was like "Yeah...that is great...she loves my make-up so why not!!" Well, this child is obsessed with it. She asks to play make-up on a daily basis...I have now hidden it so we will see if she remembers to ask for it tonight! Here are some pictures of us doing make-up and a fun little video of her in action :)


  1. That is a wonderful shade of baby blue. I believe I might have a Barbie or two from the early 90's with that same shade.
    also, I clearly remember BOTH of my parents allowing me to demonstrate my skills on their face and hair when I was little. I was more like a chimp with a paint brush and I'm still astonished at the number of plastic barrettes I could clip in my dad's hair. But I remember having a blast.

  2. I have to hide the chapstick from our Chloe. She is obsessed with it and puts it all over her lips, chin, cheeks, etc...

  3. Not sure if I should admit it, but Brady loves to play in my makeup too! :)

    Chloe is adorable!

  4. Reese LOVES her lipstick too!! They are all girl!