Friday, January 30, 2009

Pee Pee and Let's Go Peay

Last weekend, I attempted to start the Potty Training "THING" is certainly frustrating. Well, Chloe decided to go along with it for a second. I asked her to sit down on the potty with her big girl panties. I put in Little Einsteins so she could be a little preoccupied. 45 minutes later, she was still sitting on the potty watching TV without peeing. She has some crazy ability to hold it. Finally, after I kind of gave up on the idea for the moment....she said "Mommy I peed." I took a look and sure enough she did! What a big girl! Here is a picture of the moment! **Kind of gross I know, but Kate (on Jon and Kate Plus 8) took a picture of the kids when they went #2...way more disgusting**

That night, we went to the APSU game! Chloe loves them so much. She talks about her Uncle Scotty and Basketball almost daily. Maybe we have a future BBall player on our hands...who knows! The good thing is that Scotty can help with Basketball and KK can help with Cheerleading...we are covered on both sides! Here is a picture of Chloe in her APSU dress that Grandy made her for her cute! We ate at Hananoki for dinner before heading to the game! Fun times!

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