Friday, January 23, 2009

This is what it has come to....

Last night, I finally decided to try something extreme (well, I think it is extreme) to break Chloe's thumb sucking. I sewed socks onto one of her old night shirts. The funny thing is that while I was doing it, she kept saying "Chloe's Gloves!!..." She seemed kind of excited. I thought, for that brief moment, that it might actually work. Well, Blake and I took her to her room (I needed back up in case this back fired) and started the night time routine. I took her clothes off and put on her new and improved night shirt.

As you can imagine, she hated it. She screamed bloody murder. I thought..."I just need to stick this out for 3 nights....everything can be broken in 3 nights (right?)."

Well, after about 25 minutes of screaming, she just stopped. I thought she had just given up and fallen asleep. I snuck in to her room to make sure she was okay....and to my horror....she was sucking on her thumb through the sock. She managed to form the sock so that she could get her thumb in her mouth. I could not believe it.

I am really at a loss as to what to do about this thumb sucking. Someone suggested soap. I might try that. I just feel like I am torturing her....but really, this is for her own good. Any suggestions are welcomed!

Here is one of her doing make up last night....I just love her :)


  1. try the nail polish stuff again...i've also heard of doing cayenne pepper. good luck!

  2. I keep trying the nail polish with no luck...I am scared to do tobasco or something like...I just don't want her to get it in her eye...YIKES!

  3. are you using the NO BITE kind? man, that stuff is soooo nasty...she is a determined little girl if that isn't working, lol! also, you put it on twice a day. hmmm, that is a worry about getting the spicy stuff in her eye. you many people have so many opinions on this. the dentist of course wants you to get her to stop and probably some relatives drive you crazy about it and then there are the pediatricians that say, 'she'll stop when she's ready' and then you have friends that talk about sucking their thumb til they were 14! how to know what to do is beyond me?? i can tell you boys sucked theirs until they were almost 3 1/2. we talked about it for about 6 months and they really wanted to stop but it was such a habit that they didn't even think about it when they did it. that was when we got the nail polish and they quit in ONE DAY! i could not beleive it! they were just ready. she may not be ready to give it up as much as that may stink for you. :( it's a sourse of comfort. maybe try giving her a blankie or stuffed animal to try and snuggle with as a replacement and thn just give it some time. good luck, i know it can be frustrating esp if family, docs and such are bothering you about it.