Thursday, January 12, 2012

Playin' Catch Up

Seriously.  I've been in a Blogging FUNK!  I guess it's just getting back into the routine called "LIFE" after the craziness of the Holidays.  Well, we are in full swing at the Jenkins Household.  Nothing too noteworthy going on...just every day happenings.  
But, I thought I would catch you up by way of my IPhone ya go!

First up, I'm lovin' all the apps I have on my new of them is CamWOW!  Chloe obviously likes it too.  This is a picture she took of herself while were were eating lunch at Carrabbas!

Tuesday, Carter got sick at school 3, Momma had to come and save the day!  Of course, he was fine once we got home...but I will tell you, I think God knew I needed a break so I enjoyed the few hours I had with just my Boy!  

Looking devious....

Enjoying his favorite toy of the moment...the vacuum.  
He thoroughly enjoys the real thing too when I have it out!

Please excuse the way I look...but I loved this picture of Carter.  
He looks so joyful!  

Anyone have the "GYRO BOWL?"  Well, my Mom bought it for Carter because it claims to be a no-spill option for snacks...well, explain that to my kitchen floor...and the Cheerios all over it!

Also, if you have an IPhone and don't have the Instagram are missing out.
A lot of these pictures are edited with it, and I love it! 
{starting with this one}

That same night, Carter got quite fussy...he didn't want to be held or be on the ground, so I did the next logical thing...I put him in the tub.  Always makes babies happy...and Momma's too!

Chloe doing homework...don't let the picture fool you, we were in all out war by the time it was over...this was the beginning!  Glad I captured the moment!

Amanda showed me a great hair tutorial.  You can view it here!
I did it this morning before work.  It looked great until I walked outside in the wind and rain.  

A special  Daddy is going to teach his sweet Daughter how to do this this, in order to subtlety remind him, I sent him this picture.  Do you think he got the hint?

It's January right?  Well, the weather lately wouldn't lead you to believe it....that is, until today!  
I'm at work watching the snow fall...and lovin' it!

These pictures were taken the other day before school...I just adore my kids!

All last week, Chloe was anxiously waiting to find out who the Family Wizard was...
so Friday we settled in and watched Wizards of Waverly Place!  She was in heaven!

When school started back up, Chloe got to use her new Backpack & Lunchbox.  
It's full sized...and as big as her...and she's proud of it!

At lunch at Olive Garden...
showing off his mean face and new hat!

Sorry these photos are random and out of order...but, lately, that is our life!
Thanks for checking in!

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