Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What I'm Lovin' Wednesday!

It's Wednesday so I'm Linkin' up with Jamie!

This week, I'm Lovin'

This sweet surprise I received when I got back from lunch yesterday.
They were on my desk!
So fun!
I'm Lovin' that husband!

It was a great Tuesday pick me up since we have all been down and out with sickness lately!

I'm Lovin' my new shampoo and conditioner.
My hairdresser, Laura, recommended trying something new to stimulate my scalp!
It's definitely working!
Thanks Whole Foods!

I'm Lovin' how big this boy is looking.
He is finally over being sick (for the last 2 weeks) so seeing him smile, makes my day!

{Hi Mom!}

{at Mrs. Amelia's for a play date with Anderson, Austin, & Alec}

I'm Lovin' this sweet girl.
This is what she has been doing for the last 5 days.
Ughhh..she is finally back to school today & 
her sweet teacher Mrs. King emailed and said her day has been good 
{fingers crossed she is on the way to being well}.
The silver lining of having an older child that is sick is that they actually can tell you what is wrong
PLUS will actually sleep when its needed!

{sweet baby girl}

I'm Lovin' this article--

Puts being a Working Mom & a Stay At Home Mom in perspective.
Whatever you choose to do, its a tough job!

I'm Lovin' this movie:
Rent it.
You will shed tears but it will be worth it!

I'm off to pick up my sweet girl from school so we can get some R&R!

What are you Lovin' this week?
Link Up!


  1. glad you like your new shampoo and conditioner! did you get that movie from the redbox?

  2. Laura..yup, it was at Redbox! It's pretty good. Follows them on the same day each year starting in 1988. It's def worth a $1!

  3. i just picked it up, along with courageous! thanks!