Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

Remember those days when you anxiously watched the Snow Bird report?  Well, Friday I was up extra early to watch...but this time it was for Chloe and not me...since we had a snow flurry on Thursday, Chloe was out Friday!  We took full advantage of the day...Mommy Daughter Date!  

Lunch: Cracker Barrel
{her pick}

Movie: Beauty & the Beast
{her pick again}

Afterwards, nap time for both of us!
It was a great day!

The rest of the weekend was laid back...lunch at Longhorn, some shopping, Church, & Chloe time with Papa!

They did some yard work, worked on flash cards, and made this clock!

It is proudly hanging in her room now!

We did have to make a pit stop at the Walk-In Clinic for Carter.  He has had eye issues for about a week now.  Saturday his eye looked terrible even though he had been on medicine for a few days.
Conclusion: Ear infection in his left ear...which has in turn caused the infection in his eye!

We are now on a strong antibiotic and hoping that it clears up soon!

My sweet niece Chandler came over for a bit on Saturday as well!

 The house was full of kid energy!

Finally, Sunday night, Daddy spent a few minutes teaching Chloe to tie her shoes.
She did pretty good for her first go of it!
She tied them by herself once!
Practice WILL make perfect!

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  1. take that boy to the chiropracor!! :) mmmm....haven't been to cracker barrel in awhile!