Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Noteworthy Day at the Jenkins House!

Well, today my first born graduated from Preschool.  The more I think about it, the more I can't believe this day has already come and gone.  Chloe was so precious during the ceremony.  She proudly sang the Pledge of Allegiance and her other 2 graduation songs!  I know that she has been practicing so hard over the last few weeks.  She sat proudly next to Mrs. Maggie {her teacher in the Carebear room}!  She adores Mrs. Maggie & we will be sad to move on to another teacher once Kindergarten starts.  I guess the reality that 'real' school starts in a few short months hit me hard tonight!  I just can't believe how fast the last 5 years have gone.  It feels like Dr. Anderson was just confirming that Chloe was even on her way! 
Ready to go and Graduate! :)

She was so proud to show off her diploma & happy to introduce everyone to her friends!

{attempt at a family picture...Carter was over it at this point!}

Chloe, we are so very proud of you!  Keep up the good work!  We can't wait to see how you grow and flourish in Kindergarten!  Love~Momma, Dad, & Carter

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