Monday, May 9, 2011

What a Happy Mother's Day!

Saturday night, we headed to our good friend's house--Adrienne and Travis!  It was a fun night filled with hoola-hooping, BBQ, and hanging out! 
Carter looked like such a big boy sitting in the high chair!  He had fun hanging out too!
The girls had a good time showing us their skills--Addison has it down pat!
Chloe decided to hone her skills at 'beauty shop' with Addison!  They are both so girly & I love it!
Right after bath time on Sunday!  Waking up to this every morning makes me one happy Mommy!
Sadly, we didn't get a picture of the 4 of us after church....but Casey snapped several for us at dinner!  These were 2 of my favorites!  Chloe is feeling sassy in her zebra pants if you can't tell!  These 3 people made my Mother's Day EXTRA special!
I get to enjoy a wonderful massage courtesy of my sweet Hubby...Blake and Chloe also brought me this beautiful orchid!  Blake said that Chloe picked it out when they were at the store last week!  She was so excited to bring it to me!  Chloe also went with Birdie to pick out a gift for me. She hid it upstairs and made me close my eyes when she brought it down!  She gave me a sweet card made at school, a pair of silver hoop earring, a balloon that says "Your Special," and a candle!  She picked it all out (thanks to Birdie for driving her :))!

Such a great day! 

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  1. fran, ou look fantastic! btw, the beauty shop massage made me laugh! :)