Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A visit to the ENT

Monday, Carter had his consult with Dr. Brandon!  At first meeting, I was a little nervous that we had jumped the gun a bit...Dr. Brandon said his ears were not inflamed right now.  Well, we moved ahead to meet with the Audiologist.  She did a simple hearing test on Carter & also checked the fluid levels in his ears.  Just as we had suspected, he has fluid in both ears (mostly in the right which has been the ear that has given us the most trouble).  Also, he responded very well to her voice but when it came to responding to different sounds, he didn't do as well.  Dr. Brandon said that his 'levels' were not where he would hope for a 7 month old.  He said Carter is a very good candidate for tubes.  We are going to finish off the current medicine he is on & check back in about 6 weeks to see how his ears look...if they are still yucky, then we will move forward with the tubes!  I'm praying they stay clear over the coming weeks...I will hate to have to put this sweet boy to sleep to have surgery...no matter how minor!

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