Monday, May 9, 2011

Update on Carter

Well, we paid our favorite Pediatrician a visit today.  I feel like poor Carter lives at Premier Medical.  Today was suppose to be a recheck of his make sure they were clear!  Not the case.  Sadly, Carter now has a double ear infection (2 weeks ago, it was only in the right ear) & Dr. R said it was pretty gross!  I love how calm he is!  So....we are starting a new medication to see if it helps.  If it doesn't, I think Blake and I have decided that we are going to ask for a referral to the ENT.  We are just worried that he will have hearing loss or problems learning to talk because we are working on almost 4 months straight with an ear infection.  Is that some kind of record? 

Here is the good news, Carter is such an amazing little boy.  He doesn't complain one bit.  For as bad as Dr. R said his ears are, you would never, ever know!  If he was fussy, these past 4 months would have been terrible.  But, he lays down perfectly flat when he sleeps and doesn't complain; he is eating great; and his temperament is perfect!  God Bless this sweet baby of mine!
He has no idea that he is about to get 3 shots!

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