Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fall Break Wrap-Up

Well, Fall Break isn't quite over yet, but we have just returned from our very last minute get-away to Florida.  All-in-all, very glad we took this trip.  It was much needed for all 4 of the Jenkins Crew.

{on the road...we didn't over pack or anything...}

{quick stop at Subway...Chloe was karate chopping...thanks to the show Kickin' It}

Last Thursday afternoon we headed out to Lakeland, FL with both kids in tow.  What was suppose to be a 12 hour trip {uggghhh} turned into a 24 hour trip {double uggghhh}....I have to say that this particular drive is pretty miserable.  But the silver lining is that the drive home was a piece of cake!  We finally got to Lakeland Friday afternoon and promptly visited with Blake's Grandparents {Granny & Papaw}...the two sweetest people you will ever meet!  Chloe adores them & Carter took to them instantly!  After our short visit, we headed to the house and settled in.

The kids were so excited to be able to swim!  Hooray for 80 degrees!!

{Carter is a mimic of Chloe these days}

{Carter said "Momma, Hot Tub Hot!!"}

Saturday was spent in the pool, lounging, and eating dinner with Blake's Cousins.  2 boys & a Chloe made for quite an active house...but the kids had fun...Carter even tried to keep up!  Blake made a yummy dinner for us and we hit the sack early!

{taking a swim in Grandy's big bath tub}

Sunday, we got up and headed to the beach for the day. We picked Clearwater and decided to just drive until we found a suitable hotel.  We ended up at the SandPearl Resort.  We will definitely go back!  It was so nice and reasonably priced.  I felt like we were on a nice, all inclusive vacation {for the day anyway :) We played in the sand for a few hours and then ate dinner at Crabby Bills!  Afterwards, we went to Pier 60 to check out some of the street performers....where Chloe & I ran into Michael Jackson!

{Our Beach Babes}

{Carter did a lot of laying on Mommy & watching Bubble Guppies on our iPhones}

{this guy looked just like Michael Jackson...crazy}

{the sunset was amazing...this picture doesn't do it justice}

Monday, we got up, packed, ate a yummy breakfast and went to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium.  Ever seen the movie Dolphin Tale?  If not, you should!  Its a true story about a dolphin that now lives at the CMA.  Well, Chloe is semi-obsessed with this movie...has been since we bought it for her for Easter.  She has been asking since then to visit the 'real Winter.'  So since we were in the area with no real plans, we decided to see what all the hoopla was all about!  It was so neat!  We got to see Winter in person, watch a 'show'--Winter's physical therapy, and I even got to touch a dolphin!  Chloe was initially suppose to have the photo-op but they required that you take ALL jewelry off & she was not too keen on taking her earrings out {she is quite finicky about her ears and teeth right now}!  
The remainder of the trip was spent resting up and having family time.  Tuesday evening we went back to Granny & Papaw's to eat dinner with them & Blake's Aunt Connie.  The kids really loved being with them...Carter took to Granny & Pawpaw so well..its as if he sees them every day!  I was glad! 

{photo courtesy of Chloe}

We hit the road bright and early Wednesday morning.  Chloe had been feeling icky for a few of the days & yesterday was the worst...Carter felt bad for his sister.  I had to capture this tender moment between the two of them!  He really does adore her.

Finally, after driving for almost 600 miles, Carter sacked out!  Geez!  Love him, but he needed to take a nap for my sanity!

Blake & Fran...
we were quite excited to hit Exit 8 yesterday afternoon!
Blake was thrilled to be done driving :)

I ordered this beauty a few weeks ago and it arrived while we were gone!
Thanks GroupDealz for my knock off J. Crew necklace!
I love your $12.99 price tag vs. the $150.00 price tag at J. Crew!!

Finally, Carter has been missing his sitters so much while we were gone!
Last night all he could talk about were "Cindy & NayNay!"
We just love them and are so thankful they love on our boy day in and day out!

Hope your Fall Break has been relaxing & fun too!
Until next time, 
Fran  J.

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