Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

The kids had lots of weekend happenings...but first, I wanted to finish out Chloe's Spirit Week Fun!

Thursday: PJ Day, Door War Day {for Lower School}& Homecoming Bonfire

These girls were having the time of their lives at the Bonfire...I was glad to have a Mommy friend there to chat with because I didn't see Chloe the whole time! 

{Rebecca, Chloe, Maddox, Harlow}

Friday: Blue & Gold Day / Homecoming

{as a Jr. Cheerleader for CA, Chloe got to perform w/ her friends at the Pep Assembly...this time around, she got to be lifted by the big girls...she was THRILLED to tell me all about it later that day}

Friday night my Mom watched Carter so we were able to go to the game & actually relax for a moment.  Chloe has become so independent so we generally don't see her at these events...she is usually running around with her friends {which I love--she is absolutely flourishing at CA & I couldn't be happier for her}!!

Saturday, I headed to the park with the kids.
We have a new Marina in Clarksville and along with that came a new park...it's quite amazing I might add! 
We have been out there several times over the last few weeks--I love the open space for the kids to run {Lord knows both of them have extra energy to burn}

My Dad met us out there to play with the kids for a bit...
oh, and buy them sticky, messy popsicles {but that is what Papa's are for, right?}

Isn't this car a beauty?
My Dad built her from the ground up all by himself...only took 3 years! :)
Hard work paid off! 

Sunday, we headed to Church & then to lunch with the Jenkins Crew.
Lunch was good...we have avoided taking Carter out to eat since the Old Chicago incident so I was nervous to say the least...but, we did okay!  Thanks to Jenks for his helping hands!

Later that afternoon, we headed to Ansley's 6th birthday party.
For the second time this past weekend, we were at Liberty Park {the Marina}.
It was such a pretty day & the party was so cute...the kids painted their own canvases {and Carter ran around and popped balloons}!!
{Carter was thrilled...can you tell?}

{such a scowl}

{Carter was running with the big kids...I don't think he realizes he's not even 2 yet}

{my sweet sweet boy}

Wanna know who the best big sister in the world is?
You guessed it....this girl!  She LOVES her brother. 
He wanted to ride her bike...and she obliged!

Finally, Carter is saying TONS these days!
One of the things he says to us on a daily basis is--WASHER MOMMA WASHER--this happens every single time we drive by Jerry's $3 Car Wash on Wilma Rudolph Blvd. He use to hate the car wash, but now he LOVES the WASHER!
{taken in the WASHER}

Other Carter sayings:
Where did {insert any name w/ arms raised}?
Momma, right here {the most precious thing he says right now}.
Color of choice is GREEN...everything is GREEN.
Firetruck {or some form of that word}
Crackers, Cookies, Cars, Trucks, Cow--Moo, Monkey, Dog, Cat
You sing your ABCs so well now and usually don't miss any letters!
Oh gosh and so many more...but these are a few!

Until next time!
Fran J.

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  1. Love the weekend recap :) too cute! Looks like it was tons of fun...