Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What I'm Lovin' Wednesday!

If you didn't know, today is a national holiday {as my favorite father-in-law would say ;)}

Our sweet baby boy TURNS 2...
at 12:59pm on October 17th, 2010 my whole world changed.

Truly, I can't even explain or comprehend where the time has gone.
The years are just flying by...I want to capture every tiny tendency about Carter and put it in a bottle.
Sadly, I can't do that...but, I hope to look back in years to come of the funny things I've written here!
Really, I don't do him justice...he's a funny little kid!

Sunday, we had a double birthday party with our buddy Anderson {he's 2 days older than Carter}!
It was so fun!  More on that tomorrow...

Today I want to celebrate our boy & try to write down as much about him as I can...
being that he's 2 now and all!

Carter--what are you up to today?
You are OBSESSED with anything with wheels.
You push around all your matchbox cars in your sister's stroller...your stroller must be near you at all times.
Your 'go-to' color right now is are also semi-obsessed with pumpkins {again with the orange}.
You are a talking machine...some of your most common phrases lately are: 
"Momma help me"
"Momma my boo-boo hurts"
"Momma down" {really  means up}
".....right here / there" 
"Where did....go?"
"Where Daddy go?" {usually asks at night when Blake is at work}
"Happy Birthday"--when asked how old he is, he says "Cindy"
I here "Cindy / NayNay" A LOT {his precious babysitters}
"Where Boo" {Chloe}
"Daddy / Chloe did it" :)
"Go Riley"
"Too big" {about his shoes no matter if they are big or not}
"Are you OK Momma" 
"Balloon Momma Balloon"
"My Firetruck...WooooWoooo" {firetruck sound}
"ABC" Song...{can sing it without missing letters}
You can help Momma sing to 10!
You like to be a jokester and call your Jenks "Don"...and you know you are doing it!
You are a snacker...I'm having a hard time getting you to eat regular meals right now.
You LOVE juice-Apple & Cranberry
Favorite foods right now--goldfish, cheezits, cheese sticks, fig newtons, strawberries, cupcakes, fruit snacks...see the theme? JUNK!

You are now wearing a size 6 diapers and almost out weigh your sister :)
You don't like being strapped in in any capacity-high chair, stroller, car seat.  UGHH!

Carter Blake, we are blessed beyond words with your sweet personality!
You have completed our family of 4 & I couldn't be happier that you are mine!
Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!

Wanna hear his sweet voice?
Ughhh, I love him!

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  1. Happy birthday to your little guy...he is a doll! Time flies go "little guys" are 32 and 29 now, and it seems like just yesterday they were Carter's age.

    Hope you'll stop by my blog and say hello!

    Cindy at Notes in the Key of Life