Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October Photo-A-Day Challenge: 1st-15th

Well, a new month so a new Photo-A-Day Challenge!
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10.1 where you stood
{standing over the stove making these yummy fajitas}

10.2 lunchtime
{a delish hot dog at our Drive One 4UR School event @ Rossview}

10.3 this happened today
{5:30am run with my fav running buddy, Amanda---2 miles in 18 minutes! Awesome}

10.4 what you read
(Your Heart's Desire...good stuff}

10.5 shadow
{quick pic of my dancing queen while on vacation..giving a peace sign}

10.6 i'm thankful for...
{these 2 sweet bundles of joy}

10.7 light

{this was an amazing sunset in Clearwater at Pier 60...the picture doesn't do it justice}

10.8 angle
{watching this munchkin eat birthday cake ice cream from the 'laying on the couch' angle :)}

10.9 red
{Russion Roulette by Essie}

10.10 emotion
{we were happy to be home after a long 12 hours in the car...Blake was glad to be done driving}

10.11 something close-up
{Chloe was under the weather on our trip home...Carter felt sorry for her...sweet moment I had to capture}

10.12 on the table

{well...on my desk. Subway for lunch}

10.13 landscape

{I thought the sky was much more interesting this day...the clouds were crazy looking}

10.14 makes you laugh
{the many faces of the sweet birthday boy}

10.15 dinnertime

{homework, homework, homework}

Stay tuned...more to come!

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