Monday, January 21, 2013

Happenings lately {via iPhone pics}

In no specific order...

Last week, I stopped by Starbucks to grab a Peppermint Mocha {my weakness}...much to my surprise, I found out that the person in front of me paid for my drink!  I was so surprised...I hear of this happening all the time, but I've never actually experienced it!  Thank you to the white car in front of me...whoever you are!  I am grateful!

I found Carter asleep like this the other day...not sure how that is remotely comfortable! 

Friday, Chloe had a 1/2 day so I decided to take a 1/2 day as well.
Our tradition for 1/2 days has been to grab some lunch and catch a matinee!  The only real kid-friendly movie out was Wreck It Ralph {I have to say I wasn't thrilled....}, but it ended up being a great that I will probably buy for the kids when it comes out!  Great moral to the story...we had fun! 

Candid photo of the kids.
I can't get over Carter's facial expression!

My Mom got Chloe her 1st pair of real diamond earrings for Christmas {thanks Mom}.  She has super sensitive ears so we don't change them often and when we do .... it's DRAMA.  I finally got her to change into these beauties!  As you can see, there is still a lingering tear on her eye.  After the fact, she realized it wasn't that bad...and she was excited that we matched! 

Carter wanted to play with his train track...I was busy with dinner so he decided to put it together himself.  I have to say I was pretty impressed with his work! 

Finally, I'm still sticking to my plan to work out more in 2013.  I wanted to note my run from yesterday...I did 5 miles....5 miles!  I couldn't believe it.  I haven't ran 5 miles since before I was pregnant with Carter.  It was the best I have ever felt...I truly think I could have kept going but I didn't want to push too far past my limits.

5 miles @ a 9.69 minute pace!  AHHHH!  

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