Wednesday, January 2, 2013

NYE 2012

NYE 2012
It's funny how our New Years Eve's have changed over the years.  We no longer go out on the town till the wee hours of the morning {probably a good thing}...but truthfully, it doesn't make me sad.  I'm happy to be in the place that I'm at right now.  We spent New Year's Eve with the Bumpus Family.  They have 3 sweet little girls so Chloe was in heaven.  Carter was just happy to have new and different toys to play with.  Lane & Ashley were great company...we laughed the night away.  Carter went down around 10pm & the girls finally fell asleep after midnight on the couch watching Fully House!  It was a nice, fun night in! 

Happy 2013 from The Jenkins Family!!

The girls snuggled up on the couch!

As I look back on 2012, I have to say that I'm glad to close this chapter {or year}of our life.  We had many ups and downs and are only stronger for them...but, I'm ready for bigger and better things for the Jenkins Family in 2013!! 

I don't necessarily do resolutions but I know that there are a few things I'm going to try to do this year: 

1. Be more intentional with Blake, Carter & Chloe.  I get so caught up in the every day things of life.  Sometimes it's okay to just let the laundry pile up.  It won't go anywhere!  I need to be more present and in the moment.
2. I'm going to focus more on my health this year. Not necessarily doing the diet thing, but trying to be more conscience of my choices. Also trying to work out a bit more consistently.
3. I plan to dive deeper into my Faith this year...again, being more intentional with my time with God.  Really taking the time out to spend one on one with him.  I truthfully feel that it will make my life so much more fulfilled.  
4. Finally, going to try to stop sweating the small stuff.  I'm going to go gray so fast if I don't stop worrying / stressing so much...again, see #1!! 

New Year's Day 2013
New Year's Day was spent celebrating with our other favorite little boy-Austin!  He turned 2 on 1.1.12!!!  We had a great time at his Elmo themed birthday party!  Happy Birthday sweet Austin! 

Our Annual New Year's Eve, Austin's Birthday, BFF Photo! 
{Brittnye, so thankful for our friendship...thankful that you are always there no matter what and listen to me complain, cry, gripe, etc, etc about all things in my life.  Love You}

Up next, Christmas 2012 Update!! 

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