Monday, August 1, 2011


A few weeks ago, we had our annual weekend at the Lake. I, unfortunately, did not take ONE picture.  Can you believe it?  Nonetheless...we had a great time.  It was laid back and relaxing.  I look forward to this get together ever year!  While we were away, the kids had tons of fun with Grandy and Jenks.  Thankfully, Jenks caught a few of the moments on his phone!

Carter obviously had his fill of shopping that day!

This past Saturday night (after Carter went to bed), Blake, Chloe, & I ate pizza and sat down to watch a movie.  We checked out the selection on NetFlix and came across 'Harry and the Hendersons.'  This movie came out when I was 4 yrs old!  Crazy!  I actually fell asleep while we were watching it...Chloe informed me the next morning that she loved the movie and the best part was at the end---because there was a Baby BigFoot!  I'm glad she enjoyed it!  I do love that she is now old enough to sit down and enjoy a movie with us!

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