Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lately...in pictures!

 He really enjoys his food!  It's even in his ear!!!  YUCK!
Chloe was excited to finally receive her trophy from her dance recital.  It sits proudly on her nightstand!
Blake worked with Chloe on her swing.  She was pretty good.  She told me that she wants to play t-ball so maybe we will try it out in the Spring.
Today is my 28th birthday...getting on up there in years (YIKES).  Blake took me on a hot date to Hananoki for lunch!  Can you say YUM!  He pretty much had to roll my out of there...I ate entirely too much, but it was delicious!

One of my dear friends, Shelby, dropped by work today to wish me a Happy Birthday.  On top of being an amazing lawyer here in town, she is extremely crafty!  She made me these adorable button earrings!  I think they are 'as cute as a button.'  Thanks Shelby!
Finally, my Mom sent me the most amazing bouquet today at work!  The whole showroom smells delicious!  Thanks Mom! :) 
This past weekend, my Uncle Dave and Aunt Monica visited from New Mexico.  It was such a treat spending some time with them.  I haven't seen them since Blake and I got married in July 2005.  It's been WAY too long.  We had some good family time on Sunday...grilled out and hung out outside!  

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