Monday, August 8, 2011

What a fun & memorable weekend...

This past weekend was so FUN!  We started Friday night out with our buddies, Amanda and Brandon!  We ate at Buffalo Wild Wings.  The verdict is out.  Not sure if I completely loved it...and sadly, I'm a wing LOVER.  It just wasn't my favorite.  I'm sure we will give it another try!  

Saturday started out really early.  Chloe and I headed to Nashville to school shop with Brittnye!  Now, Chloe and I have shopped together many, many times before, but this was our first 'real' shopping extravaganza.  She helped me pick out many of the clothes.  This was the first time we took time to go to the dressing room and try everything on.  Let me tell you, she loved it.  She strutted her stuff in front of the mirror in every outfit.  Might be why we left with so many things..she made them all look so cute!  
This is Chloe rocking her new pair of jeans!  So cute!
She shopped 'till she dropped!

After our shopping extravaganza, we ran to Target for a few quick things and then on to a Balloon & Magic inspired birthday!  Our little friend, Kathryn, was turning 3!  Her Momma, Mary, did a fabulous job with the birthday decor!  They had a magician that the kids just loved...he also was a balloon animal specialist :)  He made Chloe a bumble bee was adorable!  After the party, we headed home for a long rainy day nap!  We all needed it!
Enjoying her 2 party hats!!
The Birthday girl blowing out her candles!

Sunday was spent at Church and then catching up on life.  It never seems like I can get caught up...I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels that way!  On a side note, yesterday was Chloe's first day moving up to Cross Street.  This part of Church is designed for K-5th graders.  Let me just say, this did not go over too well with Miss Chloe.  She wanted nothing to do with it--which saddens me because she loves Church SO MUCH.  So, after a 15 minute 'trial' we headed to BIG church.  She sat with me so quietly...I appreciated that a bunch!  This morning, when Blake dropped Chloe off at daycare, we found out that she has been moved to the school age building.  We had NO warning.  Poor Blake had to calm Chloe you can tell...she does not do too well with change.  She finally calmed down enough that Blake could get on to work (he was only a few minutes late!).  This is just a sign that Thursday (her first day of Kindergarten) is going to be tough.  I don't know if this Momma is mentally prepared for what is about to happen.  Say a little prayer for us!

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