Wednesday, August 17, 2011

One for the books

Last week Chloe started her journey through Kindergarten.  Thursday was a 1/2 day.  We got up bright and early, ate a good breakfast, took a picture (or 20), and headed to drop her off for the first time!  I did good.  No tears.  She did good. No tears.  When we walked into Mrs. King's class for the first time, she got a bit timid...but, I think she got over it pretty quick!  I headed for parent pick up around 10:15 that morning.  She was so excited to see me....and so excited to tell me about her day!  I'm pretty sure Chloe was instantly in love with Kindergarten.  She told me about her new friends and her teacher!  
Since I had the day off I decided we would spend it together...just her & I.  I let Chloe pick out where we would eat lunch--Olive Garden was her choice!  
We then headed to see The Smurfs at The Great Escape!  Afterwards, we ate a big scoop of ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery!
The potted flower below is from Chloe's sweet Daddy :)  He left this 'surprise' at the house for us to find when we got home.  The note said that we could plant this and always remember that we planted it on Chloe's 1st day of Kindergarten!  It is now proudly displayed in our backyard!
It was THE BEST DAY she and I have had in a long time!  Friday was her first full day!  I was lucky enough to be able to pick her up after school Friday as well!  

One thing that is in Chloe's Kindergarten folder is a monthly calendar.  There is an activity for us to do every night.  It is not required, but I think it is a good way to keep the learning going at night as well.  Plus, I think this is a good way for Chloe to get use to real homework!  On Monday night, we did the first activity.  It was to make a list of things that are Orange.  Her list is as follows:
1. Orange
2. Crayon
3. Ball
4. Stamp
5. Pencil
She did a great job!

Can't forget the boy.  I don't think I have posted a picture of him standing on his own yet!  He has mastered it!  He pulls up on almost anything!  Yesterday, he was very interested in trying to get into the tub with Chloe! He kept reaching down and touching the water!  Don't fret...he got his opportunity to take a swim in the pool too!

At our Bunco Sunday Funday...Chloe was enjoying the pool all to herself before the whole crew arrived!


  1. Fran, where is Chloe going to school this year? I taught at school last year with a Mrs. King who is now at Clarksville Academy.

  2. Hi! I think it might be the same Mrs. King! She has taught in the school system for several years. This is her first year at Clarksville Academy! Oh, that is where chloe is going! I really like her! She seems sweet! Hope you are doing well!

  3. It must be the same Mrs. King because that is where she went to taught. She is a wonderful teacher!!! Hope Chloe has a great first year of school!!!!